Chapter 2 Reflections: The big “A”

Q1: how many times a day does the big “A” surface: several times a day usually, I really notice it when im in public, or stressed
Q2: what are your physical symptoms: I start to feel my chest close, I feel like im trapped, my heart races, I start having labored breathing, my vision starts distorting, my chest hurts, and sometimes I get nauseated or get a migraine
Q3: how do these feelings affect your behavior? Are you able to accomplish things in the moment?
They usually make mr very scatterbrained, typically cannot think straight, im not really able to concentrate, I typically feel like im gonna or I end up crying, sometimes I get angry and hurt things. No, im not typically able to accomplish anything in the moment.

I’m still working to find what my biggest trigger is. Right now im not doing so well because im sick and im stressed. Hmph 😐

Reflections on Lesson 1

I’m currently studying “Keep Calm and Carry On” which is a teaching tool for managing anxiety, lesson one wants us to reflect so here is mine :
Make a list of 3 scenarios in which you feel the most anxious:
2) Anywhere at night
3)public places

What thoughts flow through your head during those times?

1) im going to die, someone is going to hit me, im going to get hurt, my car is going to break down, I don’t have money for a car repair, I don’t have money for a ticket, im going to get pulled over, no one can drive, everyone wants to hurt me.

2) someone is going to break in to my house, im going to get shot, someone will hurt me, I don’t feel safe, im going to die.

3) I can’t breathe, there are too many people, they might hurt me, what if I get robbed, I can’t get out, I feel trapped.

How strongly do you believe them:

At the time they seem like very real and believable thoughts, however when I I start feeling better I realize that yes they are a possibility but its unlikely to happen